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Table of contents. Uploading a file Translating the error messages Placing the profile in a session Custom error pages URL mapping with matrix variables Putting it together The check point Summary. What is REST? Why should I test my code? How should I test my code? Authors Geoffroy Warin Geoffroy Warin has been programming since he was He also teaches courses on Java web stacks and is a Groovy and Spring enthusiast. Add to Cart.

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Design your own Spring web applications using tools such as Spring Boot and Spring Tool Suite Secure your developments with easy-to-write, reliable unit and end-to-end tests Deploy your application on the cloud for free and invite the whole world to see. Getting started with Spring Tool Suite. Getting started with IntelliJ. Getting started with start. Let's get started. Spring Boot behind the curtains.

Error and encoding configuration. Embedded Servlet container Tomcat configuration. The MVC architecture. MVC critics and best practices. Spring MVC Using Thymeleaf. Spring MVC architecture. Spring Expression Language. Enough Hello Worlds, let's fetch tweets! Java 8 streams and lambdas. Material design with WebJars. The check point. The profile page — a form.

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Client validation. Uploading a file.

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Translating the error messages. Placing the profile in a session. Custom error pages. URL mapping with matrix variables. Putting it together. Richardson's maturity model. API versioning. Useful HTTP codes. Client is the king. Customizing the JSON output. A user management API.

Status codes and exception handling. Documentation with Swagger. Generating XML. Basic authentication. The login form. Twitter authentication. Distributed sessions. Test-driven development. The unit tests.

  • Mastering spring MVC 4.
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  • Mastering Spring MVC 4.

The acceptance tests. Our first unit test. Mocks and stubs. Unit testing REST controllers.


Testing the authentication. Writing acceptance tests. A production profile. Now let's take a look at the Spring Boot starter application that has been generated by our minimal efforts so far.

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We'll use the parent POM to manage the versions of all our dependencies and ensure versions are compatible. The repositories at the end of the POM file reference the Spring snapshot and milestone repositories. We need these because Spring Boot 2. Each of these starter dependencies brings in all of the sub-dependencies it needs.

Figure 3 shows the partially expanded dependency view in IntelliJ. For example, when it finds spring-boot-starter-web , it creates an embedded version of Tomcat, and when it finds H2 and spring-boot-starter-jpa it creates an H2 embedded database and a Hibernate EntityManager.

It then wires the EntityManager into Spring Data. Spring Boot also creates a single class that can be used to run the application. The class for the example application is shown in Listing 2. This class leverages the SpringApplication. The SpringBootApplication annotation includes the following annotations:. It then populates the Spring context with the application components found in the package scan.

In essence, Spring Boot makes it very easy to select and configure the services, components, controllers, entities, and so forth that you need for your application. Once you've done that, Spring will automatically find them, make them available in the Spring context, and autowire everything together. We've got our Spring Boot starter project setup and ready to go. The Model-View-Controller pattern separates concerns into three categories:. You will then test, secure, and optimize your Spring web application and design RESTful services that will be consumed on the frontend.

Finally, when everything is ready, you will release your application on a cloud provider and invite everyone to see. Style and approach An iterative hands-on approach in a conversational and easy-to-follow style. Each chapter will improve on the work done in the previous one until the application is ready to be released. Ben jij klaar voor het nieuwe studeren? Maak dan nu een account aan en krijg alvast toegang tot gratis boeken.